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Surgery Recall and reminder system :

Our surgery has a reminder system for Cervical Smears, Immunisations, Mammograms, GP Management Plans, Health Assessments for patients over 75 (55 if you are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander) or anything else you would like us to remind you of. Patients are not put on the reminder system without obtaining your consent first on our patient information sheet. We have brochures in our waiting room explaining these assessments in more detail for your convenience.

How do I get my test results?

There are several ways you can get your test results.

If your results are normal, and you do not need to do anything, we will not contact you. If you wish to discuss anything further you will need to book an appointment in with your Doctor. We are not able to print and give you a copy of the results without first being discussed with your Dr or send them to you for confidential reasons.

If your results are abnormal, you may:

  1. Be contacted by our receptionist to make a follow up appointment. Please note, we are not able to discuss the results on the telephone with you.
  2. Be called by our nurses to make a follow up appointment, or be given some instructions that have been given by your doctor. Please ensure you attend the appointment with your doctor to discuss your results in detail.

We will only give results to the patient themselves, not to anyone else. This applies to all patients over 15 years of age. If you wish us to give your result to another person, you need to make sure the doctor knows this at the time of the consult and records it in your file.

What happens if I need to call and speak to my doctor?

The doctors will talk to you on the telephone where appropriate during normal business hours. When they are unavailable a message will be taken and they will return your call at the first available opportunity. Emergency Phone calls will be forwarded directly to the Doctor as recognised by our reception staff.

It is unsafe to consult on an illness or give results over the phone so any ongoing medical care is best to be discussed in consultation with the doctor and therefore are not normally given over the phone, also ensuring confidentiality.

Patients are encouraged to make an appointment to follow-up with their Doctor if necessary.


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