Frequently Asked Questions

We do not bulk bill however we do offer discounted prices for pensioners and healthcare card holders.

Yes we are taking new patients and our doctors booked are all open.

Our standard appointments generally last 10-15 minutes with your general practitioner.

Appointments need to be made for script renewals most of the time. This gives our GP's a chance to review your medication and ensure the need for your script.

For some patients, at our GP's description this may change, however it will likely incur an additional fee.

The doctors will talk to you on the telephone where appropriate during normal business hours. When they are unavailable a message will be taken and they will return your call at the first available opportunity. Emergency Phone calls will be forwarded directly to the Doctor as recognised by our reception staff.

It is unsafe to consult on an illness or give results over the phone so any ongoing medical care is best to be discussed in consultation with the doctor and therefore are not normally given over the phone, also ensuring confidentiality.

Patients are encouraged to make an appointment to follow-up with their Doctor if necessary.

Unfortunately the nature of being a General Practitioner means that any medical issue may walk through the doors and needs to be treated appropriately.

Our doctors do their best to run to time, but at times, things happen when treating our patients. They certainly don't intentionally run late and our staff will let you know how late they may be. Our practice has a patient-centred care approach so each patient gets our full attention for the best medical care we can provide.

If you feel you need extra time with your doctor, please make our reception staff aware at the time of booking.

Yes, you will receive a reminder via our booking system Hotdoc. If you have not responded, our reception team may call you to remind you on the day to avoid no show appointments.

We understand things happen and appointments may be missed for various reasons. However, when patient does miss an appointment, another patient may have really needed that appointment.

If we feel an appointment has been missed without 2 hours notice, we may send a did not attend warning letter. Unfortunately, we may charge a missed appointment fee if this continues to occur which has no medicare rebate attached. Please understand we do this for the running of an efficient clinic so we can provide excellent patient care.

Unfortunately, we are legally bonded by Medicare that we cannot back date a referral.

There are several ways you can get your test results.

If your results are normal, and you do not need to do anything, we will not contact you. If you wish to discuss anything further you will need to book an appointment in with your Doctor. We are not able to print and give you a copy of the results without first being discussed with your Dr or send them to you for confidential reasons.

If your results are abnormal, you may:

  1. Be contacted by our receptionist to make a follow up appointment. Please note, we are not able to discuss the results on the telephone with you.
  2. Be called by our nurses to make a follow up appointment, or be given some instructions that have been given by your doctor. Please ensure you attend the appointment with your doctor to discuss your results in detail.

We will only give results to the patient themselves, not to anyone else. This applies to all patients over 15 years of age. If you wish us to give your result to another person, you need to make sure the doctor knows this at the time of the consult and records it in your file.